3 #Ausome Apps for Children with Autism

3 #Ausome Apps for Children with Autism | beautifulinhistime.com & wonderfully-made.net #ausome #autism #apps #write31days

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When our son was first diagnosed with autism, everyone recommended downloading apps. The problem was, I had no idea where to start and some of the apps I found were so expensive I could not justify purchasing them on our tiny family budget that was already stretched thin by daily therapies and appointments. I have also learned that while it is important to balance screen time with outdoor and active play time, technology can be a beneficial tool for helping our son calm himself and escape from the noise of the world around him. After more than a year of speaking with parents, therapists, and specialists, today, I am sharing our top three favorite apps! These apps are all user-friendly, affordable, and visual-based. They have been wonderful for our child, and I hope they will be for yours, too!

To learn about these #ausome apps, click here!

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I love autism apps and use them for my visually impaired child. They cut down on extra sensory, use high contrast, add great speech and cognitive elements. I use a ton of autism resources because they are well researched and tend to be of high quality. There aren’t very many resources for the visually impaired. I use IAutism http://www.iautism.info/en/


    Sarah, that is fantastic to hear about iAutism apps! Thank you so much for sharing! Which of their apps do you like best? I would love to pass them along, especially ones that help the visually impaired.