Let Love Be Genuine

31 Days of Honoring Your Soul: Let Love Be Genuine | Wonderfully Made

Let love be genuine. {Romans 12:9}

Jack woke up feeling a little off yesterday morning. Friday was his birthday and we knew to expect a couple of wonky days as he came to realize another year had passed and that the festivities had left him tired, in need of a couple of days to reboot.

He held it together until a glass of water spilled on his bed yesterday, and then he broke down in tears. He yelled and he cried. He ran to the family room and then back to his room.

I followed him in and closed the door behind us. I sat on the floor between him and the door and let him release whatever needed to escape from his little body.

“Go away!” he screamed. “Leave me alone!” he cried.

But I stayed. I told him I would leave when his body had calmed down. I stayed and I waited.

A few minutes later, he collapsed on his bed and cried, “Mommy, I just don’t feel good today.” Tears poured down his beautiful cheeks. His pain was so real, so palpable. So heartbreaking.

I held my arms out to him, and he came and curled up in my lap. He took a deep breath and I could feel the tension release from his little body.

“I’m sorry you don’t feel good today,” I said. “You know what?” I asked, waiting for his eyes to meet mine, “I have days when I don’t feel good, too.”

“You do?” he asked.

“Yes, baby,” I said, and held him close. “I love you, Jack, and it’s ok to feel angry sometimes.”

Love is genuine. Let it be. Let it be holding your babies instead of yelling back. Let it be warm and kind and pure. Don’t worry about what this mom or that mom does or how wonderful her life is and why can’t my kids be like hers. Don’t go there, friend. Let your love be free and let it rise from within. That’s where God is. He’s in your soul. He’s ready to love and to help you love others. Let Him.

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