31 Days: OM Your Soul {Guest Post}

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Today, my dear friend Kelley is going to share a meditation exercise with you. Kelley is a certified yoga instructor and health coach, and she has a wonderful way of speaking right from the heart! It was during her yoga class that this 31 Day journey began, so I am so pleased to have her here to share her positive energy and beautiful soul with us today. Welcome, Kelley!


Take a deep breath in and a long breath out and Om out loud, and just sit in silence, within this moment. Honor your soul, honor within, honor yourself.

What does it mean to honor your true being? What does it mean to Om? Well first of all, we are all miracles in this life and sometimes our peers and people around us forget how simply beautiful that truly is. Om calms and prepares the mind and reminds us that we are in fact all here together, unified as one in this world.

The four individual sounds of OM (Ah, Oh, MMM, and silence) represent the four states of consciousness and using your own voice to reproduce a sound, which is continuously being produced by the universe. Om is a sound that represents your understanding of a higher power and that divine higher power’s connection to you.

Being one with nature, being one with your family and friends, being one with you and letting that inner voice guide you to find that inner peace within yourself.  Always having that conscious connection with yourself – mind, body and soul is not easy to do every minute of every day, it takes practice. I, myself am still practicing. As Shakespeare said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” Simply put, you don’t know what you may experience when you have silence, when you step out of your comfort zone with no noise, distractions or that ego telling you that you can’t.

Let it be, let yourself come back to your true self, let your soul ride that positive train as long as you can.

Some days might be a struggle and get real, but if you can “OM it out”, come back to that inner voice with positive affirmations to carry you back to your inner being just a little bit each day, you will radiate your true self to all, your aura will shine and you will be your happiest.

-NAMASTE, Beautiful Souls-

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kelley bioKelley is a certified yoga instructor and health coach with a passion for nourishing the body, mind and soul. Providing knowledge and guidance to balance your true self in all aspects. Kelley believes that the true essence of yoga is about physical, mental and spiritual connections the individual makes inward and projects outward. To learn more about Kelley or potentially work or practice yoga with her, please contact her at kelley.walsh85{at}gmail{dot}com

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