31ish Days: What I loved and learned + A big announcement!

31ish Days- What I Loved and Learned + A Big Announcement! | Wonderfully Made

About a year ago, I was driving home from the airport, fresh from my first blogging conference; the moon was ripe in the sky, nestled among the clouds and I felt something stirring. Something new. Something great.

But I wasn’t sure what exactly.

I felt this tug toward a more creative life, one that honored both Him and the inner artist inside me who was trying hard to spread her wings, but I didn’t know what to do with that feeling.

Time went by and I largely sat on my hands waiting for something to happen, until one day I realized: God desires for me to be who He created me to be.

It seems so simple, right? But sometimes life tells us we’re not who He created. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and put ourselves out there, souls open wide, to live His creation to the fullest.

Looking back on this month, I thought 31 Days would yield 31 posts, and I just have to laugh because you’d think I would’ve learned by now that that’s not how God works! What I didn’t know then, what I am learning now, is that He wanted me to write. To write and write and write, until I pushed through barriers that were holding me back, so I could let something new take root and grow. To see not only that my children are wonderfully made, but also that I am wonderfully made.

And that life is, too.

In its beauty and darkness alike, life is a masterpiece unfolding every hour, every day. And, in it, are flashes of Eden.

It’s these moments I want us to capture, to take hold of, and never let go. Because the closer we are to Eden – the closer we are to the Father’s fingertips, to His soul, to His life-giving breath – the closer we are to the beauty and wonder and love He intended us to live.

It’s in these bursts of beauty, these flashes of Eden, that we are truly ourselves, unashamedly, unabashedly. It’s here that we stand at the base of the Tree and want nothing more than to rest in its shade.

And it is in that shady, lovely, restful place that I share with you a new direction rooted in the same passion God laid on my heart when this space was first created: A place of art. A place of freedom. A place where you can arrive and be wholly you in the presence of a holy God.

So, in addition to sharing our family’s journey with special needs, we are going to explore more in this space. To show up purposefully each day and say Here I am, Lord. Let’s begin. To let go and live art.

Let Go + Live Art at Wonderfully Made

As we make our way along this journey, here are some areas we’ll explore:

  • Every child is an artist: Picasso had it right
  • You (yes, you!) are an artist: inspiration for spreading your creative wings
  • Family-building activities to foster unity and creativity with those we love most
  • Working through worry with writing
  • Creative ways to pray and worship in daily life
  • Inspiring printables to spark the creative in you
  • Art + Autism: Discovering your special needs child’s emotions, passions, and love through art

And lots more, friends. This is only the beginning of this beautiful journey and I’m so excited to be taking it with you, hand in hand with our loving God.

For He tells us: “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” {Isaiah 43:19} 

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Love this so much Katie! I cannot wait to see where God leads in this journey! <3


    Shelly, your kindness, wisdom, and friendship have been such an encouragement to me in taking this step. Thank you for being such a dear friend!


I adore it. CANNOT WAIT.


    Erica, your passion for wholehearted living has been such an inspiration to me as I spread my wings and venture down this new path. So blessed not only by your friendship and creativity, but by how generously you offer both to fellow women along their journeys.


      What a touching comment. Thank you, Katie!


I’m so excited for this! You are always inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store.


    Lynnette, YOU are an inspiration. Every time I read your words, I feel understood. You have a unique gift for making others feel at home and I so admire that about you. Thank you for always encouraging me and so many others!

Donita Pendered

Katie, this looks great! As an artist and creative person, this is just the sort of thing I love.!!! Blessings, Donita


    And what a lovely artist you are, Donita! I’m thrilled to hear from you and so glad this spoke to you!