5 Practical Tips for Successful (and Joyful!) Playdates with a Special Needs Child

Do you want to have a playdate with a special needs family but feel nervous about it? Here are 5 great tips to have a fun and fulfilling playdate with special needs child!

This post is part of 31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family, a blog series filled with hope and encouragement, compassion and understanding for special needs families and their loved ones, hosted by Beautiful In His Time. To read the post in its entirety, and to read more great posts in this series, please visit www.beautifulinhistime.com. Thank you and God bless!

Having playdates with a special needs child can feel intimidating for both special needs families and friends alike. As you consider having a playdate with a special needs child, many questions may be bouncing around in your mind, such as What will it be like? How will my child do with theirs? What things do I need to consider? and more. Today, I am sharing 5 practical tips for successful (and joyful!) playdates with a special needs child over at Beautiful In His Time to answer these very questions and more! Join me?

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