A letter to our baby boy on his first birthday

If you could write a letter to your little one, what would you say?

Dear Connor,

Today was your first birthday! You’ve cut four new teeth in the past couple of days, buddy – four! You crawl like Spiderman – it’s really adorable – and you even made your way up the stairs for the first time this weekend. You love to smile and laugh and growl and pounce. You are curious, so preciously curious about the world and people around you. This morning, I said your name and you laughed and laughed. That’s how I feel about your name, too. It makes me smile from deep in my heart.

Your sister and I baked a chocolate cake for you this morning. She was so happy to make it for you! And your brother made a birthday card for you at school. He’s so proud to have a baby brother! Both of them love to take care of you and teach you about the great big world.

Your daddy and I are doing our best to teach you what we can, too. There’s so much we want to tell you, but really the greatest thing we can teach you is this: You are beautiful exactly as you are from the inside out. So, laugh and love and grow and be freely as the soul God created you to be, which leads me to one more very important thing: God is love and He loves you. So, someday, buddy, when you come to a crossroads and you feel sad or afraid or lost, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, don’t hide your heart because it’s in those moments when God’s light shines brightest and He will always, always lead you home.

Thank you for blessing our family, little one. We love you today and always!


Mom and Dad

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What a blessed boy you are sweet Connor! cant wait to see what’s next!