Faithful Fitness: 5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Walking Workout

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Walking Workout

Friends, this week was both challenging and uplifting for our family (more on that soon) and I made more than a few not so #faithfulfitness choices along the way, BUT I also did some good walking this week and it made me think of some ways to get creative with your walking workout! Drum roll please…:)

#1 – Set goals

I know, I know, this sounds basic, but setting goals is a great way to stay motivated! Set short term goals and long term goals. Maybe you want to walk a mile at a fast pace. Maybe you want to work your way up to jogging or running. Maybe you really want to walk or run in a local race. Whatever your goals may be, set them and keep moving!

#2 – Incorporate Intervals

Walking can feel a bit monotonous at times, so jazz it up by incorporating some interval training! Here are a couple of examples:

  • Walk 1/4 mile at a regular pace, 1/4 mile at a faster pace interchangeably
  • Walk for 2 minutes at a regular pace, 1 minute at a faster pace interchangeably
  • Want some more great interval tips? Check out this post: Walking Workouts with Intervals from Spark People.

#3 – Add Lunges

Ladies, lunges are awesome. They work your leg muscles, glutes, and core!  They are also a great way to boost your walking workout! The way I add them into my walking routine is this: after walking with the kids to the park, I like to do a set or two while the kids play on the playground. You can also incorporate them into your interval routines as well.

#4 – Change it up 

If you’re like me, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut walking the same route over and over again. Challenge yourself to change it up a bit! Take a walk around a local park, do a timed walk around a track, meet up with girlfriends and talk while you walk.

#5 – Explore

Have little ones? Take them with you! Explore the park, walk along the seashore, go on a nature trail.

Have an hour away from the kids? Walk around the mall and window shop, stroll through a fun part of town you never get to explore when you have the kiddos with you, hit a museum and walk through the exhibits (heck, take the stairs if you’re feeling really motivated!)

Wherever you are – explore. It makes walking so much more fun!


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Bernadyn @ B is For...

I do the 2 minutes then 1 minute walking, works great for me! I like the idea of doing a meet up and changing the route/routine. Pinning and sharing this post on my FB page today. :)


    Thanks so much for sharing, Bernadyn! And I love that you incorporate intervals into your routine!