Faithful Fitness: Getting Started

Faithful Fitness - Getting Started | and

Faithful fitness is a journey, one Aprille and I are going to take right alongside you. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

All journeys must begin somewhere. Where are you in your faithful fitness journey?

  • Hopeful?
  • Frustrated?
  • Encouraged?
  • Discouraged?
  • A bit of each?

You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to get started.  God meets you where you are, and we will too!

What would you like to gain from your faithful fitness journey?
  • Encouragement from a community of like-minded moms?
  • Weight loss?
  • Coming to love the body God gave you?
  • Learning more about healthy food choices?
  • Exercise tips?
  • Balance of mind, body, and soul?
  • All of the above?

Be honest. Pray about it. Identify what you seek from this journey and go for it!

Finally, how will you commit to faithful fitness?

It is one thing to say you want to achieve fitness, it is another to do it. What will motivate and encourage you along the way? What baby steps can you take to accomplish your goals?

Please feel free to share your answers in the comments section below!


Today, we have an awesome workout to get you started! It is low impact, doesn’t require any equipment, and burns calories!



We’ve also included a great cool down workout as well.


Thanks for joining us this week! Be sure to tune in again next week!


Faithful Fitness is a weekly series dedicated to getting fit faithfully, one step at a time. Whether you are a SAHM, working mom, struggle with a chronic illness, and/or have time constraints for fitness, this is the series for you! Be sure to check in here each Friday and to follow our Faithful Fitness board on Pinterest where we share great workouts, exercises, health and nutrition tips, and more!

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