Faithful Fitness: When Real Life Sabotages Your Faithful Fitness Goals

Faithful Fitness: When Real Life Sabotages Your Faithful Fitness Goals | &

Ladies, can I just be really honest with you? I’m co-host of this “Faithful Fitness” series, but when I look at life over the past few weeks I see very little “faithful” or “fitness.” Life has just come at me with full-force. Both my husband and I got a stomach virus (Canada Dry anyone?), my son had a fever and a trip to the ER for a food allergy reaction (in the same week), and my son’s behavior has been awful and then some. My husband’s anxiety has been high, he and my son are fighting, and last night I was reduced to sobs after a long hard day.

And I have just given up. Today for lunch? I ate chips and dip. Chips, and dip, people. And then I had to run off to get printer cartridges so I could accomplish some of the things on my list today, and I grabbed a Snickers bar and a Cherry Coke.

Yesterday, I hit the ChickFilA drive-thru for lunch in between running errands all over town.

I’m completely derailed. I feel like a failure as a person and a failure as a co-host. I want to be an example and I want to encourage you in your fitness journeys, and I’m not sure how to do that when I can’t even keep myself on track. So, here I am. Coming to this space with not much to offer other than a little bit of solace that if you are feeling like a fitness failure, then you aren’t alone.

So, what CAN you do when this happens – when you completely give up and make poor choices and don’t make it to the gym and are just too tired and stressed out about real life to care?

1. Celebrate the little fitness choices you made right. I made really poor choices for lunch and snacks today. But, for breakfast I had a fried egg with bacon and cheese. I also put Stevia and half-and-half in my coffee. And for dinner? I had ham, potatoes, and broccoli.

Ask yourself… What good choices did I make today?

2. Celebrate the other wonderful non-fitness choices that you made instead of making fitness your priority. Yesterday, yeah, I hit the drive-thru. But I did so after a personal counseling appointment, buying and shipping a birthday gift to a friend, getting gas in the car, booking my son’s birthday party, and coaching my husband through a panic episode. And today, I was getting printer cartridges for the home, birthday gifts and school supplies for my son. Those are all things that I accomplished and are worth celebrating. Errands and checking stuff off the to-do list took priority over fitness. And I need to make sure I keep that in mind. Sometimes, something just has to give.

Ask yourself… In what other areas besides fitness did I succeed today?

3. Call a friend. Sometimes, venting about your food or exercise struggles can really help reframe your mistakes. Human contact reminds us that we are just that – human. Life hits us all, and sometimes it hits hard. Knowing you’re not alone can help you feel less like a complete failure and more like a normal person who just got off-track.

Ask yourself… Who can I call who can encourage me today?

4. Make a plan for tomorrow. I’ve already decided. Tomorrow, I’m hitting the gym, and I’m hitting it hard. I can’t make up for yesterday’s failings, but I can plan for a healthier tomorrow.

Ask yourself… What healthy choices can I plan ahead to accomplish tomorrow?

In conclusion:

Some days (ahem, weeks, or even months), life is going to completely derail you. But you don’t have to give up completely. You can still be healthier today then you were yesterday. You can still make good choices tomorrow, or even right now. Don’t give up on yourself.

Here’s a final bit of encouragement to help you love your body (mistakes, flaws, fat, flab, scars, and all)…STARTING TODAY! 12 Ways to Love Your Body Starting Right Now


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Erica Layne

Ladies, this might be my favorite fitness post yet. It fits so well with your overall message – fitness for NORMAL women. I love the way you showed us to change our perspective in order to not get TOO down on ourselves. This is a much more effective way to pull out of a slump. Thanks, Aprille!


    Erica, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this so much. Sometimes a change of perspective can make ALL the difference, but when I mess up it’s so tempting to just quit and make even poorer choices. I feel like I’m back on track!!

Katie @ Pick Any Two

I have found that when I beat myself up over my unhealthy choices, I tend to feel so guilty that I end up in a terrible emotional state that leads to MORE unhealthy choices. A vicious cycle, indeed! So I love that your tips here are about celebrating the positives and looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past. Thank you for a great post, Aprille, and for sharing mine as well!


    Exactly! It’s like I end up saying, “Well, I screwed up…so…screw it! Ima eat what I want!” and it just goes downhill from there. Celebrating the positives can make such a huge difference – and your body image post is seriously the BEST I have ever read!

Elise @ Harvey Ever After

Thanks for a great post. I’m terrible at being motivated in the fitness realm, but I’m working right now to change that!

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