Making a Way in the Wilderness: Marriage and Special Needs

As parents of a child with special needs, we are wandering in the wilderness, we are thirsting in the desert. But through both arguments and tears, laughter and joy we can walk together as a couple." | 31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family at

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Five and a half years ago, on a sunny spring day in April, my husband and I held each other’s hands and promised to love, honor, and cherish one another through good times and bad, rich or poor, sickness and health.

Over the course of our marriage, we have faced an autism diagnosis, unemployment, Crohn’s Disease, countless ER visits, hospitalizations, seven moves (the most recent of which was across the country, a thousand miles away from family) and much more. Each day we have to power through odds that are stacked against us.

I would be lying if I said it has been easy.

About a year ago, my husband and I realized we needed help. We were suffering under the weight of the many challenges and needs our family faced, and our marriage was in trouble. The stress of five years of financial strain, medical problems, hospital stays, going to daily therapies for our precious son while also caring for our beautiful daughter, and moving from place to place, had finally worn us down. We were exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally, and we needed help.

We needed help to find one another again, to fall in love again, to bring romance back into our relationship, and, ultimately, to put our marriage first…

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Thank you for your honesty. I tweeted and Pinned this post from Beautiful in His Time.


    Thank you, Jennifer, for reading and for sharing! I have so enjoyed reading and learning from your journey.