Praying for Paris | Prier pour Paris

Praying for Paris | Prier pour Paris

Two years ago, my husband and I traveled to Paris, praying for a miracle.

After several years of hardship, our marriage was in tatters. My husband was speaking at a conference at La Sorbonne and we decided to go together. We began saving up what little money we had and praying for the pieces to fall into place so that we might go. As the week approached for our trip, we could not believe it had all come together. We began to laugh, to look ahead to the city of light as one last hope that we might heal and love one another as we once had again. 

As we flew across the Atlantic, we felt free for the first time in a long time. Free to laugh. Free to feel joyful. Free to simply be.

And we became two people in love again.

Our time in Paris saved our marriage, and I find myself without words to adequately express how deeply my heart aches to see the destruction, terror, and pain cast upon a city so full of beauty, art, and light.

To the city who reminded my husband and me how much we truly love each other, who so lovingly welcomed us with open arms, we are praying for you. Praying for peace, praying for healing, praying that your passion for light and love will cast out the darkness that has descended upon you.

Please, Lord, strengthen the people of Paris in the coming days and weeks. Return light to the city that has reminded so many from around the world that beauty, joy, and laughter are among life’s greatest gifts. Renew them and don’t ever let them go.

To read more about our time in Paris and how deeply we love the city, please click here.

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