Project Advent Tree + Ornaments 4 Orphans

Project Advent Tree + Ornaments 4 Orphans graphic

This October, I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Ornaments 4 Orphans at Allume and, in addition to your beautiful prayers, we felt that these ornaments and the precious children they represent belonged on our Advent Tree this year.

Each ornament is handcrafted by artisans in East Africa and all proceeds benefit their families and orphaned children in their communities.

The ornaments themselves are beautiful, but even more beautiful are the lives they represent. Would you consider praying for these children and their communities this Advent Season?

You can learn more about Ornaments 4 Orphans and/or purchase your own set of ornaments here!

hanging ornaments

And, as always, we want your prayers, friends. We want to pray for you and yours this Advent Season and are blessed by each and every prayer that adorns our tree. To submit a prayer to the Advent Tree, please read the instructions below!

Project Advent Tree 2014

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