Project Advent Tree!


Growing up, Christmas was wondrous. Lights, trees, ornaments, decorations, presents, parties, and Santa all culminated in Christmas morning surprise when the fire was lit, carols played, and presents were abound.

Christmas felt magical and I savored every moment of the Season.

As time passed, though, I began to worry more about making sure each person in my life had a gift to unwrap, than giving gifts as fruit of the true Joy of the Season. I became so focused on maintaining the magical, that I lost sight of the Miracle:

For unto us a child is born…And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

As this Christmas Season approached, I felt a stirring in my heart to recenter focus on the Miracle of Christmas, and as my focus began to shift I wondered: What if, instead of focusing on filling the base of our tree with presents and paper, ribbons and bows, we filled its branches with our prayers? What if, like Mary, we gave our hearts to God this Advent Season to magnify His greatness? What fruit would our tree bear?

So this Advent, as we prepare for the coming of Christ, we are creating our first Advent Tree – a tree we hope to fill with prayers that we will offer to God on Christmas Night. Will you give us the gift of adorning our tree with your prayers? The joy of praying for you and your loved ones this Advent Season? The honor of offering your prayers to Jesus on Christmas Night?

Yes?? Oh you make our hearts sing with joy!

To participate, simply follow the instructions below, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

Love and blessings to you this Advent Season, dear friends. We can’t wait to see and share the beauty of our Advent Tree!

Advent Tree Instructions


*The beautiful cards selected to transcribe the prayers for The Advent Tree were created by Kathryn Christenbury, artist and owner of Fleur de Letters Calligraphy, Invitations, and Design.

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Pray for my mother, 87 years old. She is going through intense changes inner life, imposed by her children (took her car, hiring someone to help pick up the slack for running errands, etc) she thinks we are punishing her for being this old. God bless her. Her mind is not what it used to be. Pray for her peace and comfort. Thank you!

    Katie Emanuel {Wonderfully Made}

    Thank you for the gift of this prayer, Colleen! We will hang it on the Advent Tree and pray for your mother through Advent. God bless you!

Nancy Carley

PLEASE Pray for the persecuted church around the world, to encourage and empower those Christians who are suffering and enduring intense persecution for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Katie Emanuel {Wonderfully Made}

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer, Nancy! Will we certainly add it to the tree!

Lisa Bruner

Please pray for my 83 y/o mom and 89 y/o dad. Their physical health is poor, but their spiritual health is even worse. I pray for their conversion while they are still somewhat sound of mind. They both are very angry and miserable and often take it out on my sister who cares for them. Please pray for a Christmas miracle: their conversion! Thank you so much! <

    Katie Emanuel {Wonderfully Made}

    Lisa, thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt prayer. We will be praying for healing and conversion for your parents, as well as strength for you and your sister. God bless you and yours!


I pray for the recovery of dear Dorothy who had heart valve and a pace maker and has almost died three times. I pray for the departed who left us in a year and leave mourning loved ones, Jeff, Gene, Mike and Nels. They dies too young. I pray for all who are afraid and in fear, may we find peace and joy this season. I thank the LORD for Jesus. May we follow His message. Thank you Katie.

    Katie Emanuel {Wonderfully Made}

    Celador2, thank your for sharing these beautiful prayers. We will be praying for Dorothy, your loved ones who have gone to be with Jesus and those who mourn them, and for comfort for those who are afraid and restless. God bless you and yours and thank you for sharing this Advent Season with our family!


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