Release fear to embrace joy

"God did not create us to fear. He created us to live." from Wonderfully Made

When I was 10-years-old our family went on vacation to Destin, FL. One day, as I was wading back to shore from a sandbar, I dove into the water and swam right into a jellyfish that stung me from head to toe.

From that day forward, I was afraid of the ocean. I would walk along the water’s edge, barely letting the surf touch my toes. Afraid that if I got too close, I would be stung again.

Much like that fateful day at the beach, sometimes we get stung in life and it hurts deep. So we avoid that which reminds us of the pain we endured, fearing that if we take a risk by touching our toes too close to the water’s edge, we will be hurt again.

But God did not create us to fear, He created us to live.

Looking back, there have been many times when I was afraid. Here are some of my most recent fears: 

  • Afraid to move from Atlanta to Boston
  • Afraid to start this blog
  • Afraid to put the Atlantic Ocean between my children and me for a week

Each of these fears stemmed from a knowledge that I was taking a risk. Much like diving in the ocean that day as a young girl, I was diving into the unknown. I could get stung. But I took the plunge and here is how things turned out:

  • Leaving home taught me that home is not tethered to brick and mortar, but is wherever my family is.
  • Starting this blog has given me a way not only to express my own thoughts and experiences, but to learn from yours.
  • Traveling to Paris for a week was rejuvenating, healing, and rekindled my marriage.

Maybe you share similar fears. Maybe yours are different. Maybe you are afraid of moving to a new place. Maybe you are afraid of leaving your job to pursue a dream. Whatever your fears may be, I invite you today to write them down and resolve to let one go this very day. Offer one up to God and release it. Because fear clutters. Joy breathes.

When I release fear from my mind, I am able to think clearly, make better decisions, and trust in God’s plan.

Do not let fear stand in the way of joy. Resolve to release it. Own your fears, write them down, offer them up to the Lord, and cross them out one by one. 

*Inspired by the #BanBusy Challenge at Abundant Mama.


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