Understanding the Financial Needs of a Special Needs Family (and how YOU can help!)

Understanidng the Financial Needs of a Special Needs Family

This post is part of 31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family, a blog series filled with hope and encouragement, compassion and understanding for special needs families and their loved ones, hosted by Beautiful In His Time. To read the post in its entirety, and to read more great posts in this series, please visit www.beautifulinhistime.com. Thank you and God bless!

When my son was diagnosed with autism, I was overcome with emotion. For months, we had been confused, exhausted, and despairing of our son’s struggles. Finally, his severe behaviors, perseveration, OCD, sleeplessness, challenges to communicate, and anxiety made sense. Finally, we had an answer. Finally, we could get him the help he needed. And for that, I felt a tremendous sense of relief.

Our son’s diagnosis opened doors that otherwise would have been closed to him and to our family, and we hit the ground sprinting to get him the services he needed, including weekly occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills groups, floortime sessions, and more. Over the months and years, we saw him improve by leaps and bounds. We would never change his level of care. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.

With that said, the journey has not been easy, and one of the most difficult aspects our family and all families with special needs children must face is the financial impact of the care our children need and deserve. I am often asked why our financial needs are so great…

To read my answer and more, click here!

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Lorna Bradley

Financial strain is such a huge challenge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and resources!


It really is, Lorna. It can be difficult to overcome, but not impossible with the help of others! So glad the post was helpful :)

Beth Clay

This is a wonderful post, with such great suggestions. It is very difficult to talk about the financial part of our lives. I will say this, as our children have grown and become involved with extra activities, more than anything I have appreciated those friends who have stepped up to help get them where they need to be!


    Beth, that is fantastic that you have friends who help out! I love hearing that! We have been blessed by some special friends who have really come through during times of trial and emergency. It makes such a difference!

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