Walk in his shoes

It has been said to truly understand a man, you must walk a mile in his shoes. Jack, like many children and adults on the spectrum (and countless others who are not), struggles with sensory processing disorder (SPD). In short, SPD is a condition in which the brain has difficulty processing information it receives from the senses. As Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske explain in Raising a Sensory Smart Child, “people with sensory issues have great difficulty figuring out what is going on inside and outside their bodies, and there’s no guarantee that the sensory information they’re working with is accurate. In response, a child may avoid confusing or distressing sensations or seek out more of the sensation to find out more about it.” (14)

Jack has many sensory struggles, which I will expand on in time, but first I wanted to provide you with an introduction to how just one sensory issue feels, or rather, sounds to Jack.

For two minutes, will you walk in his shoes?

Sensory Overload (Interacting with Autism Project) from Miguel Jiron on Vimeo.

Thank you for watching, listening, and learning. Also, my sincerest thanks to the gentleman who created this video, and my very dear friend who sent it to me in the dark before the dawn of Jack’s diagnosis.

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Stacy Georges

Good use of this video. I have often wondered what children with Autism hear.

    Katie Emanuel {Wonderfully Made}

    Thank you, Stacy! It was a huge help to us. The animator did an amazing job!