What I want for 2016

What I want for 2016. How about you?

Happy New Year, friends! Can you believe it’s 2016?!

2015 flew for our family. Connor was born, we moved (again), Jack started kindergarten, Kristen attended her first preschool, my husband started a new job, I started grad school, opened a small business, and we all made it to Memphis and back for a family wedding in our minivan!

Wow, 2015 was full of so many amazing things. Things our family has prayed for for years and we were amazed by God’s goodness in answering those prayers.

As 2016 drew closer, I started thinking and praying about what God wants for me for this year. Two years ago, He led me to peace. Last year, He called me to be brave. Then, this year, He said “be free.”

So, rather than creating a list of goals to achieve, which is usually my m.o., this year I want to embrace what He is teaching me, day by day, that life is not a series of achievements, but rather a series of moments and each moment offers us the chance to be our truest selves. When we live like this, when we bravely live His creation within us, we can bring joy and light to the world.

Therefore, this year, I choose to love greatly, to live creatively, to write bravely, and to be freely.

How about you?

What I want for 2016. How about you?

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Erica Layne

BE freely. It’s profound.

I’m so excited for you and this direction that you’re moving, Katie. My biggest goal this year is to try to loosen up and be more playful as a person and a mother, so I think you and I are right in line.

Happy new year, my friend! Yay for new beginnings.


    Thank you, Erica! I love your goal and that we are heading in similar directions. It’s so helpful to have soul sisters like you along this motherhood journey!